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About Us

Candy Impressions specializes in hand-poured candles made in Detroit, MI. We bring you quality scented candles made with 100% natural coconut wax.


Why Scented candles?

Scented candles are widely used in certain parts of the world for its aromatic function and ability to help easy relaxation. They also have the ability to regulate the body's balance of moods, mental state, and coordination. 


What sets our brand of scented candles apart from other brands of scented candles?

Our scented candles are a fusion of the finest ingredients infused with 100% natural coconut wax, made up of the purest hand-selected fragrances, giving it the best fragrance scent throw.  Each candle is carefully and manually poured to ensure that they are of excellent quality and inspected properly.

Our cotton wick delivers a clean, slow burn so that you get maximized burn time. Infused with hand-selected fragrances and the finest ingredients, each of our scents possess their own unique features, which in turn helps them stand out.


Experience Calm, Comfort & Content

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